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Motorists can't always tell what the roads ahead have in store, especially as vehicles age. The cost of mechanical breakdowns will continue to increase. We see technological leaps in automotive design with each passing year. If something goes wrong, repairs can often be complex and costly. Once you reach the end of your factory warranty, you will have to pay for repairs out of pocket, leaving you vulnerable to a financial shock. Fortunately, there's a way to protect yourself! The mechanic vehicle service contract, with four different levels of affordable coverage, you can protect your car's engine, transmission, air conditioning, abs brakes, and more. The mechanic also offers nationwide coverage. You will rest easy before a long road trip, knowing that you will have coverage, no matter where you are, thanks to our 24/7 emergency roadside assistance program. Ask our team about the levels of protection we offer, including Engine, Powertrain, Silver, and Platinum.

Assurant Resource

The Mechanic system will ensure that drivers have the added protection they need. This system combines protection which will include LuxcareXT, which protects against insects, tree sap, oxidation, and water spotting. Check out our selection of services that come with Mechanic program.

Assurant Drive Plus

Assurant DriverPlus offers tons of innovations. Since you never know what lays ahead, regular maintenance is an essential part of vehicle ownership. Make your service choice simple by knowing that we service your vehicle at the dealership. We offer engine oil changes, tire rotations, filter changes, and multi-point inspections. Routine maintenance can satisfy your warranty needs and keep your wheels on the road! It's time to protect yourself and your vehicle. Drive better, longer, and for less with Assurant DriverPlus.

Assurant First Extended

First Extended is a plan that helps you deal with financial shortcomings. The vehicle service contract offered by program's first level gives you six levels of protection, ranging from Powertrain, Base, High-Tech, Comprehensive, High-Tech Wrap, and Comprehensive Wrap! This uninterrupted service plan will grant drivers the peace of mind they deserve.

Assurant Guaranteed Asset

Arrurant Resource provides GAP protection, which is essential for anyone looking to cover themselves. GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection. Your vehicle loses value from the moment that you drive it off the lot. Through our Assurant Resource package, you can access a quality GAP agreement. Essentially, this is insurance for your insurance policy. Often, your insurance company will only cover the value of a vehicle.

Assurant LuxcareXt

Assurant LuxcareXt ensures that your vehicle remains protected against the harsh impacts of weather such as rain and ice. You can use this amazing program to protect your vehicle against discoloration and other outside factors. The system protects against road salt, UV rays, and acid rays.

Assurant Q Certified

Purchasing a QCertified vehicle will inspire confidence. QCertified cars have undergone strict inspections to be dubbed "QCertifed" by dealers. Extensive mechanical and appearance checks ensure reliability quality. They meet exact inspection and reconditioning standards, which sets the bar high. QCertified inspectors handle all comprehensive vehicle inspections. There's also a Limited power train warranty and a 1-year road of America auto assistance with incidental benefits.

Assurant Road Hazard Plus

Road Hazard Plus offers protection against the road's obstacles. You won't always expect a broken windshield or large pothole. Road Hazard Plus always steps in at the perfect time. This package offers paintless dent removal, repairs to your tire and wheel, and more! Drivers can expect 100% repair and replacement coverage and no deductible.

Assurant The Mechanic 2.0

Check out the Assurant The Mechanic 2.0 program. This program offers drivers peace of mind in the face of mechanical break downs. The mechanic vehicle service project helps drivers detect issues. The system covers rental reimbursement, emergency roadside assistance, and nationwide protection on a multitude of roads –– what more do you need?

Assurant Three For One

Assurant Three For One offers protection against parking lot digs and windshield dings. This plan is the coverage you need to keep your car looking new with fast and convenient repairs and no deductibles. These three coverages fall into one program to bring you more benefits with fewer costs without messing with your current warranty. Invest in the future and protect your vehicle with Assurant Three For One coverage today.