Learn About Toyota Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

At Toyota of Poway, we are excited to introduce customers from El Cajon to San Diego to all of the benefits of environmentally-friendly vehicles. It is a big step and one that comes with many questions and concerns. Our team of Toyota experts is here to answer your questions and get you out on some test drives. So, you can decide which eco-minded Toyota will work the best for you.

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Toyota Hybrid

Understanding Hybrids

Many buyers are confused when they learn that hybrid vehicles rely on gasoline. They do have an electric motor on board. However, the combustion engine is in use at all times when the car is in motion. The electric motor is used in conjunction with that engine to increase its fuel economy. Think of the electric motor as a booster activated when the accelerator is pressed. In addition, the electric motor can function as a generator to store energy created when the brakes are applied. The Toyota lineup of hybrids is very extensive and includes the Avalon, RAV4, Prius, Corolla, Camry, Highlander, Venza, and Sienna.

All-Electric Vehicles

Commonly called EVs, all-electric vehicles are exactly as the name implies, only powered by electricity. These vehicles use the power stored in large battery packs for propulsion. Much in the same vein as a gasoline-powered car, when an EV is out of stored energy in the batteries, it will not move. Instead of pouring in a can of fuel, you just plug the EV into a charger. Your choices are a large public DC fast charging station or a smaller AC charging system that can be installed in your home.

California Clean Fuel Reward

Toyota of Poway is proud to participate in the California Clean Fuel Reward program. The State of California offers this incentive. It gets the buyer of a new EV a $1,500 credit when it is purchased at a participating dealership. What residents love about this reward is that it is not a rebate, and there are no long forms to fill out and send in to get the money. Instead, the dealership processes the $1,500 reward right at the time of your purchase. Currently, the Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime qualify for this excellent reward for driving an environmentally responsible vehicle.

Considerations When Going Green

Hybrid vehicles offer drivers a great blend of increased fuel economy without the constraints of plugging in to recharge a primary engine. Hybrids also offer a range that is in line with a traditional vehicle or even a bit higher, thanks to the added fuel economy.

EVs eliminate your gasoline budget completely. However, there are other expenses to evaluate. The level 1 charger using a 110v outlet requires ten or more hours to reach a full charge. Installing a level 2 will entail a visit from an electrician to install more substantial wiring and the larger charging station.

Electrified Toyota Models


Avalon Hybrid

The Avalon Hybrid delivers complete comfort and luxury in a sedan rated at 43 MPG and costs less than $38k. The sleek lines of the exterior hook drivers and the deal is done once they experience the noise and vibration-reducing technology that only adds to the luxurious ride. With ample space for five, this is the perfect choice for a road trip with the family or a quiet weekend getaway on your own. So settle into the climate-controlled seat and see how enjoyable it is to drive this hybrid.

Camry Hybrid

The Camry Hybrid gives drivers an incredible 51 and 53 MPG rating in a spacious and safe four-door sedan. But the biggest news is that you can be enjoying this efficient and eco-friendly car for just over $27k. Your only questions will be which of the 12 exterior colors to choose and which trim to select for the interior. Thanks to the Hybrid Energy Monitor, you will always know how efficiently you drive with a touch of the center dash touchscreen. And you will have peace of mind knowing that the hybrid battery warranty will cover your Camry for ten years of 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Corolla Hybrid

Drivers across the country are shocked to learn they can own a four-door car that delivers over 52 MPG and has a base sticker price of under $25k. The Corolla Hybrid offers all of that and much more. The modern, sleek shape and choice of seven great colors let you make a statement when you arrive in this hybrid. In addition to looking great, the Corolla Hybrid is dedicated to keeping you safe using the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 package included in every model. This is the affordable, environmentally friendly car that you will love to drive.

Highlander Hybrid

The Highlander Hybrid is your dream SUV for drivers who want the capability to go anywhere in any conditions. This ample and capable vehicle delivers an impressive 36 MPG and starts at under $39k. You get four hybrid drive modes, electronic on-demand all-wheel drive, and the Toyota New Global Architecture platform for a smoother ride and enhanced handling for that small investment. Inside, the 12.3-inch touchscreen is the command center for connectivity, communication, information about the SUV, and entertainment features. A wireless charging station and climate-controlled seats are added creature comforts to ensure you can enjoy the entire day in your Highlander Hybrid.


For drivers looking for the perfect blend of environmental responsibility and fun, the Mirai is the solution. This zero-emissions car runs on hydrogen and delivers a range of 402 miles per fill-up. But that is just the beginning of the technology in this sporty car. The 12.3-inch touchscreen is the hub for all the functions and fun inside the Mirai. You have access to all your favorite apps, the car’s telemetry, a bird’s eye view camera, and more. For added information, while the vehicle is in motion, the heads-up display lets you check essential information without taking your eyes off the road.


The Prius offers drivers 52 mpg as a blended rate at a base cost of only a little over $24,500. In addition, you can opt for electronic all-wheel drive for even more rugged capability when hauling up to 50 cubic feet of cargo. Other fantastic features include the 11.6-inch touchscreen display for your nav system, vehicle controls, entertainment, and connectivity. But the most important feature offered by the Prius is the 5-Star safety rating that lets you know you will be ultra-safe in this hybrid.

Prius Prime

The Prius Prime delivers an impressive 54 MPG and over 130 MPGe. With a starting price of just $28,220, this is a cost-effective car to purchase and drive. In addition, many buyers will enjoy thousands of dollars in incentives when purchasing the exceptional EV. One of the new and exciting warranty features of the Prius Prime is the extension of the battery warranty to a full ten years or 150,000, whichever comes first. So you will have a decade of reliability and dependability from your EV, in addition to the 5-Star safety rating.

RAV4 Hybrid

The RAV4 Hybrid gives drivers the space and versatility they need in an SUV but with exceptional mileage at 41 and 38 MPG. With a base price of $28,800 and extraordinary mileage, you can treat yourself to a few added features like the panoramic glass roof or on-demand all-wheel-drive. While driving, you will also appreciate some added features like the wireless charging station and digital rearview mirror. In addition, each RAV4 Hybrid includes the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 suite of safety features, including pedestrian detection, lane departure and steering alert, road sign assist, and more.

RAV4 Prime

Bigger is better when you choose the RAV4 Prime. This powerful SUV delivers 302 horsepower and still hits 38 MPG and 94 MPGe. The base model starts at just over $38k. However, many buyers will enjoy incentives of over 7k when purchasing this EV. On the interior, drivers will enjoy everything at the tip of their fingers on the 9-inch touchscreen. The heads-up display also provides vehicle data in your line of sight to eliminate potential distractions. From the 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat to the ambient lighting, the RAV4 Prime is everything you want in an SUV and more


The spacious Sienna offers superior comfort and functionality in an economical vehicle. With a base cost of under $35k and 36 MPG, you can’t beat the price to purchase and own this amazing Toyota. Dual sliding doors and remote keyless entry make this ideal for the entire family or your favorite group of friends to enjoy. Seating for up to eight can include captain’s chairs that recline and still leave massive room for all the cargo you need for a road trip. In addition, the upgraded features on the Sienna make it the ideal vehicle to convert for wheelchair accessibility.

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