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Certified Lease Return Center

Lease Return Center

We are here to make your lease-end simple!

At Toyota of Poway, we provide guests with options for returning leased Toyota vehicles. As a designated Toyota Leasing Center, our lease return specialist will review all of your options and provide the steps for dropping off your vehicle.

You have three options for lease-end returns:

  1. Upgrade it: Turn in your leased Toyota and lease or finance a new vehicle with Toyota of Poway
  2. Keep it: Purchase the current leased vehicle.
  3. Return it: End the lease and walk away.

During your inspection, please bring the following to your inspection and lease return appointment:

Toolkit and spare tire, if applicable

Toolkit and spare tire, if applicable.

All sets of keys

All sets of keys (masters/remotes/valet), if applicable.

Owner’s Manuals

Owner’s Manuals.

Any original equipment

Any original equipment on your vehicle at lease inception (radio, headrests, 3rd row seat, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.).

 Odometer Disclosure Statement

Ask the dealer to record the mileage, and don’t forget to sign the Odometer Disclosure Statement and ask for a copy.

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact Leasing Specialist Dan Pasenelli at 858-746-3059 or fill out the form below:

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