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Timothy Van Campen

New Car Sales

Tim was born in Big Bear and raised in Orange County, CA. His wife and daughter live in Japan but will be joining him here in Sept. 2018. He took music classes at seven different junior colleges in San Diego and Orange County before deciding to go to school full time to the Soka University of America in Orange County, CA. He was in banking for nine years and was part of the health club sector for five years. He's been in sales most of his adult life but only transitioned to car sales in September of 2017. Previously, he sold Mazdas and Subarus in El Cajon. Now, he's learning everything about Toyota and their wonderful cars, SUVs, and trucks. A guy with many talents, he is a singer and songwriter, pianist, guitarist, saxophonist, and a writer of  fiction and non-fiction. He also hosts an energy healing radio show.

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