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Keeping your transmission in good shape helps to ensure smooth gear shifts and precise handling. You can get your transmission serviced at Toyota of Poway to keep your Toyota GT Supra or Toyota Camry running smoothly.

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Toyota Oil Change

Transmission Fluid Change

Your Toyota owner’s manual will tell you how often you need your transmission fluid changed, but typically it is somewhere around 30,000 miles. Some of the fluid is removed to help reduce the amount of dirt running through the system. New fluid is added, which does a better job of lubricating the transmission. 

Transmission Flush

Another service that is recommended in your Toyota owner’s manual is a transmission flush. It’s not done as often a fluid change, but it is an important part of Toyota maintenance. All the transmission fluid is flushed out and replaced with new fluid. 

Other Services

Your vehicle may require other transmission services, such as replacing the transmission filter. This filter traps dirt and contaminants and keeps them from getting into the transmission components. 

If you have a manual transmission instead of an automatic, it will require service as well. This system uses transmission fluid for manual transmissions, which also needs to be replaced regularly. 

Transmission fluid lubricates the transmission just like oil lubricates the engine. With proper lubrication, the transmission suffers less wear and tear and reduced friction, which helps it to last longer. 

Issues You Can Experience with Your Transmission

Even with the best care of your vehicle, you can have transmission problems. Some can be simple and relatively easy to fix while others may be a major expense and pain. A transmission fluid leak is one of the most common issues. If this is happening with your vehicle, you may notice reddish liquid under your vehicle in the garage or driveway. 

If you hear or feel grinding or clunking when your vehicle switches gears, it could be a sign of a transmission problem. Whining is another sign of issues with this system. Sometimes these sounds may indicate a problem with the computer, other times it could be the solenoid pack. In severe cases, you may need a new transmission. 

Count on Toyota of Poway for Service

No matter the issue, the service department at Toyota of Poway can help. Our team provides regular transmission maintenance to keep your Toyota in prime condition. We also take care of all major and minor issues with your transmission. 

You can schedule service online with our service scheduler or give us a call. We offer a comfortable waiting area for you to relax or work while we take care of your transmission. You can also use our shuttle to go to work or home until the job is done.


Don’t neglect your transmission when you can get it serviced with Toyota of Poway. Schedule routine service when you need it or have us diagnose your vehicle for any repairs needed. Let us help you stay on the road with a Toyota vehicle you can rely on.

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