50-Millionth Toyota Corolla Sold Worldwide

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50-Millionth Toyota Corolla Sold Worldwide

Toyota is celebrating a huge milestone with one of its signature models, the Corolla. This model started out as a simple sedan and has become synonymous with elegant style and quality. Fans of the sedan have supported it for more than 55 years, making it an automotive icon.

A Major Milestone For The Corolla

Toyota sold the 50-millionth model this past July, which is not only a major milestone for the manufacturer for but the automotive industry as well. The current Corolla is the 12th generation, which began in 1966. The Corolla came to the US in 1968 with the 1969 model. That first model cost around $1700 and paved the way for generations of buyers to call it their own.

Today’s Toyota Corolla is still affordable while offering sporty styling and premium comfort. Advanced technology keeps you entertained while efficiency reigns supreme with an estimated 53 MPG for highway miles. Efficiency makes it a top choice for college students and graduates, young professionals, and families who need a second vehicle.

As the Corolla has evolved over the years, a hybrid model took its place in the lineup. While efficiency and style might have brought customers to the Corolla, safety kept them. The current model includes Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 as standard, which includes features like automatic emergency braking to help prevent accidents with a faster response time.

The Toyota Corolla has been a leader in the market and a constant presence in the lineup. This model comes in a sedan, hatchback, and hybrid model. Now the Corolla has expanded into the Corolla Cross compact crossover.

The History Of Corolla Sales

While the Corolla was already selling well right from the beginning, the Oil Embargo of 1973 showcased the benefits of owning this efficient model. Long lines formed at gas stations with higher prices being charged along with rationing of fuel. The Corolla had a reputation for being economical, which is what buyers were looking for.

As the economy recover, the Corolla continued to gain new followers. To further its appeal, Toyota added a fastback coupe as well as a liftback. The manufacturer was dedicated to making each generation better than the previous one.

The Timeline Of The Corolla

By the second generation, the Corolla had become the second best-selling car globally. The third generation was sportier with a wider appeal. It was with the fourth generation that Toyota added some comfort amenities like memory feature, which could return the front seats to their original position. Rear-wheel drive switched to front-wheel drive with the fifth generation as a new hatch was launched, known as the GT-S.

It was with the seventh generation that the Corolla achieved its status as the best-selling car in history. With a focus on comfort, the ninth generation saw a larger cabin with comfort and convenience amenities added. For the tenth generation, the priority was on adding more luxury in a compact model. The result was the addition of the JBL audio system and a power moonroof, among other features.

Today, the Corolla is built at the Toyota manufacturing plant in Mississippi. Even though the new model looks a lot different from the first version, the same principle of value, reliability, and quality remain. As you look back at the history of the Corolla, it’s easy to see why it has become the best-selling car in the history of automobiles.

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