Salvation Army & Toyota Of Poway Food Distribution Event

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At Toyota of Poway, we’re incredibly thankful for the surrounding community, as we wouldn’t still be in business without their generosity. That’s why when Turkey season was around the corner, we wanted to take the time to look for ways to give back to the North County Community. At the end of the day, we settled on the one thing that mattered the most during the Thanksgiving holidays: Food.

Giving Back in Our Own Way

In order to accomplish this goal, we were going to need some help when it came to organizing the event. For that, we turned to the Salvation Army. For years, they’ve been helping countless communities, so it was an easy decision to team up.

A Hundred Boxes of Food

There are a lot of people who go hungry during the holidays for one reason or another. Not everyone has a family to turn to, or they may find themselves spending their time on the street. We don’t believe that anyone should go hungry, especially during this time of the year, which is why we loaded a hundred huge boxes with food.

A Thanks to Our Volunteers

Salvation Army played a major part in this event, and so did the countless volunteers who decided to help. They took time out of their day to make sure that their community was fed, and for that, we can’t thank them enough.

If you ever need service or a new model, you can always count on our help at Toyota of Poway. We’ve been serving PowayCarlsbad, and San Diego for years, and we don’t plan to stop any time soon.

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