Toyota Safety Sense

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The last twenty years have been absolutely amazing for the integration of safety technology in everyday vehicles. In 1995, we saw the first introduction of Electronic Stability Control. Later on, in 1999, the automotive industry introduced the first lane departure alert systems, and in 2005 the first radar assisted adaptive cruise control. However, many of the safety features we know today were not standard in many cars until recently. With their latest lineup of models, has endeavored to make such features not only more advanced than ever, but also available to everyone. Using the Toyota-exclusive Safety Sense System, Toyota vehicles everywhere are topping the charts for safety picks and awards.

What is the Toyota Safety Sense System? The brand’s safety package includes the most technologically capable safety features that have been made standard in many of their models. Safety Sense equipped vehicles are outfitted with a series of optics, radar, and additional cameras that intuitively think for you, making those quick decisions easier than ever. The system is in its 2nd generation of development and is ultimately designed around preventing the three most common accidents: frontal collisions, unintentional lane departures, and nighttime accidents.

Protecting you and your passengers, other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians from preventable incidents is Toyota’s top priority when implementing their Safety Sense system. There is a long list of available features with the Safety Sense system, and while drivers are still responsible for driving safely, these additional safety aspects of your Toyota can assist you.

  • Pre-Collision System with Bicycle and Pedestrian Detection – Visual and auditory alerts informing you of potential collisions and in some cases and automatic braking system.
  • Dynamic Radar and Cruise Control – helps maintain a preset distance of the vehicle in front of you using front end radar and cameras.
  • Lane Departure Alert – Avoid potential accidents by an auditory alert if you leave your lane, also available with an additional steering assist.
  • Automatic High Beams – Intuitive lighting detects nighttime driving and visibility conditions, automatically turning off when it detects other oncoming vehicles.
  • Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)– With dynamic cruise control enabled, LTA helps you keep your vehicle centered in your lane.
  • Road Sign Assist – A forward facing camera displays speed limit signs, stop signs, do not enter signs and more on your multi-information vehicle display behind the steering wheel.

The Toyota Safety Sense System is not limited to just the aforementioned above, and each vehicle may contain additional safety features

Toyota has made its Safety Sense System available on many of its more recent vehicles. To name just a few, some or all of these features can be found common Toyota models such as the Avalon, the Camry, Rav4 models, Prius models, the Toyota Corolla, and many more. Developments in radar, optics, camera, and integrated laser technology opens the door for even better safety features in the years to come. With many of its safety features so commonplace among the brand’s many models, Toyota drivers are safer than ever before behind the wheel of their favorite Toyota vehicle.

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