Toyota Stuns Audiences At The SEMA 360 Showcase

March 18th, 2024 by

Performance enthusiasts everywhere are rejoicing after Toyota debuts four new vehicles that demonstrate outstanding capability both on and off the Road. The company debuted a trio of high-speed Toyota Supras and a singular, loaded Off-Road Toyota Tacoma at the most recent SEMA 360 Showcase earlier in November of 2020. This year, the normally packed convention was held as a virtual event, but for Toyota that was no reason to not participate. Each vehicle showcased by Toyota holds exciting new features for the vehicle modification devotee, and each vehicle is looking ahead to the future for a rise in overall usage and popularity.

SEMA, or the Specialty Equipment Market Association is a long-time collection of special interest groups that share a common love of accessorized, customized and vintage vehicles. SEMA is far beyond just a hobby group, but rather a very diverse group of retailers, publishers, restorers, builders, racing teams, and much more. The group even contains advocates for the rights of such interests with a presence in Washington, D.C. and also at state level government. SEMA even helps the average consumer interact with car dealerships on their behalf. Every year, SEMA holds a massive convention that allows for its members and participants to showcase their latest projects and creations. Toyota, a long-time participant with SEMA, blew the virtual doors off of the convention this year with their contribution that has the entire organization buzzing.

Toyota this year pushed pure performance at this year’s SEMA convention. Toyota introduced a trio of their already revolutionary sports cars and made them even more exciting. One of the Supras that appeared was an aesthetic dream, each graphic painstakingly painted by British artist Nicolai Sclator. Sclator works for a Los Angeles creative agency that connects people who love automotive and pop culture. The second Supra featured was a No. 21 GR Supra in the 2020 Formular Drift Pro Class. This build focused on combining simplicity with efficiency. Driver Ken Gushi focused on a vehicle that could be repaired quickly and demonstrate how efficient fixes are the difference between winning and losing. The result for Ken Gushi and the Toyota Supra was a minimalistic build coupled with the existing GT’s beautiful design.

The final Toyota Supra presented was the brainchild of Papadakis Racing, and is just the beginnings of the organizations latest project. Driver Fredric Asabo documented the build in the famous nine-episode YouTube series which earned over 14 million views. Asabo and his stunning 1,033 horsepower G1 Supra are likely contenders as the 2020 Formula Drift Pro Championship.

Enter the submission of the Toyota Tacoma. This truck has taken on major competitors in a world of outstanding luxury, capability, and so much more. It’s even won awards as having an outstanding resale value, and you always know with a Tacoma you’re getting the best. Toyota’s featuring the Tacoma in its greatest element; a modified edition of the TRD Off-Road pickup with all the bells and whistles. It features a Magnuson Superchargers Roots-type blower with room for kayaks, bikes, overnight gear, and so much more.

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